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Current Laws

Effective April 23, 2009 the Province of Ontario recognized e-bikes as a power assisted bike. This ended the Pilot Program.

There are two requirements:
Operators must be 16 years of age or older, and all operators must wear a DOT approved bicycle helmet at all times.

1) No driver's license is required,
2) No written test is required,
3) No vehicle registration or plate required,
4) No requirement for motor vehicle liability insurance.
5) An e-bike is a bike that:

What makes an E-bike?
(i)has steering handlebars and is equipped with pedals, that are operable.
(ii)is designed to be propelled primarily by muscular power and to travel on not more than three wheels;
(iii)has a motor that has a power output rating of 500W or less. (Note: the motor is electric, and is incapable of propelling the cycle at speed of 32km/h or greater on level ground, without pedaling.)
(iv)has the proper label stating that it's a Power-assisted bicycle and meets all the requirements of the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations.

Can not ride on 400 series highways

Note* Laws can change or be amended at any time. It is always good to do your own research.

***** Also NOTE*****  Gas powered bikes DO NEED a M/L or M license.
Ours are electric.

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